Breads, Pitas & Pies

Baguette (v)

Parisian baguettes baked fresh in-house every day



In-house made spinach and feta cheese pie with horiatiko phyllo



Feta Cheese pie made with horiatiko phyllo


Grilled in-house Greek Pita Bread (v)

Made fresh in-house daily, served with olive oil and oregano garnish

$2.00 each

Greek bruschetta

in-house made bruschetta with feta cheese and kasseri drizzle with olive oil

– vegan cheese option available


Hot Pot

Revithada (V)

Chickpeas cooked in an earth-ware dish called “tsoukali”. It is a classic Cycladic dish with caramelized onions, olive oil drizzle. Served with Greek yogurt, lemon slices, side olives and baguette

– Vegan option available – Ask your server!


Risoni Chicken

Traditional Greek (giouvetsi) with chicken and orzo pasta baked in oregano and spice-infused tomato sauce sprinkled with Feta cheese.

– Served with Horiatiki salad, bread and Greek yogurt Vegan Option available



Hearty Greek dish composed of layers of eggplants, saucy ground meat and topped with Béchamel sauce.

– Frites and side horiatiki salad


Yemesta (Stuffed Peppers)

Sweet pepper stuffed with rice, shredded herbs, carrots, and onion. topped with choice of Greek kasseri cheese or vegan cheese

– Add a crispy smashed potato for $2.00



Greece’s answer to lasagna! Layers of pasta, a tantalizing cinnamon-spiked meat sauce, and creamy béchamel drizzle with kasseri cheese

– choice of a small horiatiki or maroulosalata



Spicy greek sausages with peppers in a rich tomato sauce sprinkle with Kayseri cheese. Rustic spicy greek dish served on a bed of frites

– Vegan sausage and cheese option available – ask your server


Soup of the Day

Chefs Choice!! Ask your server

– 1/2 Baguette


Meze ” Sharable”


Oven baked feta, hot and sweet peppers light tomato sauce, with an olive oil drizzle

– Vegan option available | Add pita bread $2.00


Shrimp Saganaki

Classic Greek dish of large shrimp with sweet peppers and sweet tomatoes topped with baked feta cheese

– Add pita bread $2.00


Traditional Belizean Ceviche

Large shrimp, mixed cherry tomatoes, cilandro, onion, habanero pepper, and lime juice. Home made pita chips.


Elies (olives) (v)

Greek olives, valsamiko (vinaigrette), and boukovo (Mediterranean chili)

– Add pita bread $2.00


Melitzanosalata (v)

Roasted Eggplants w/Garlic + Fresh Herbs Pureed

– Add pita bread $2.00



feta cheese, roasted peppers, hot peppers, lemon juice, red wine vinegar, olive oil, Greek yogurt dip

– Add pita bread $ 2.00



yogurt and cucumber dip made of strained yogurt, shredded cucumber, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, salt, and herbs.

– Add pita bread $ 2.00

$7.00 each

Dolmades (v)

House made stuffed vine leaves with scented rice and herbs on a bed of Greek yogurt lemon sauce (vegan option sauce available)

– Add pita bread $2.00



Traditional Greek cod roe spread

– Add pita bread $2.00


From The Butcher

Souvlaki Dinner

2 Souvlaki skewers of your choice chicken, pork or lamb on rice and smashed potato or frites

– Side salad and bread


Baked Lemon Chicken

Juicy chicken leg and thigh on basmati rice drizzled with lemon sauce.

– served with side feta cheese cucumbers, tomato and crispy bread


Souvlaki Kalamaki

Greek specialty made with tender cuts of meat marinated in a lemony olive oil mixture. Choice of chicken, pork or Lamb

– Slices of bread and tzatziki or paprika aioli

$6.75 each


Traditional seasoned 2 large ground beef patties crispy smashed potatoes with lemon yogurt dip

– Side salad and baguette


Souvlaki pita chicken, pork or lamb

All pitas are topped with tzatziki or aioli, onions, tomatoes and frites. Ask for extra toppings: lettuce, hot peppers, pickles, olives tapenade, hot sauce.

– Extra tzatziki or tirokafteri $2.00


Greek Burger on pita

Lettuce, tomato, onions on a pita with side frites
Choose Sauce: Tzatziki, ketchup, mustard, hot sauce

– Add on: pickles, hot peppers $2.00 | Add Tirokafteri $2.00




Greek salad tomato, red onion, green pepper, olives, capers, oregano, and fresh Greek feta drenched in our lemon olive oil house sauce

– Vegan option available – Ask your server!

$15.00 (L)
$7.50 (S)

watermelon salad ( Seasonal )

watermelon salad with feta, cucumber, fresh mint, and honey-lime dressing

– Vegan option available – Ask your server!


Maroulosalata (V)

Green salad with chopped lettuce, spring onion, dill, virgin olive oil, drizzled with olive oil and red wine vinegar.

– choice of feta or vegan feta

$15.00 (L)
$7.50 (S)

Greek Caesar salad

Romaine lettuce drenched in a yogurt lemon juice sauce, kasseri and Croutons

– Vegan option available – Ask your server!

$12.00 (L)
$6.75 (S)

Chickpea dakos (barley rusk) salad

With tomato, cucumber, onion, sweet peppers, olives, crumbled feta drizzled with wine vinaigrette and olive oil herbs and garlic.

-Ask your server for vegan feta


Add chicken to any salad – $5.00
Add vegan sausage to any salad – $2.00

Pizza Boat (Penirli)

Bacon Penirli

Greek style pizza: Kasseri and goat cheese, bacon and sweet peppers.


Veggie Penirli

Greek style pizza: Roasted mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, red peppers, kasseri and goat cheese

– Vegan option available – Ask your server!


Lamb Penirli

Goat cheese spread with lamb, tomatoes, onion and kasseri


Chicken Penirli

Greek style pizza: Chicken, goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes, sweet peppers and gouda cheese.


Vegan Penirli

Vegan sausage, vegan tofu cream cheese and vegan mozzarella sun dried tomatoes and sweet peppers.


Add Feta, egg, mushrooms, hot Peppers, chicken, vegan Sausage – $2.00 each

Skepastes /Souvlaki on pita

Pork Skepasti

Slow roasted pork in a Greek pita sandwich with tomato, red onion, gouda cheese. Served with tzatziki and frites


Lamb Skepasti

Slow roasted pork in a Greek pita sandwich with tomato, red onion, gouda cheese. Served with tzatziki and frites


Chicken Skepasti

Greek marinated chicken in a Greek pita sandwich with tomato, red onion, gouda cheese, light garlic, and paprika aioli sauce. Served with frites


Mushroom Skepasti

Marinated roasted mushrooms in a Greek pita sandwich with tomato, red onion, and gouda cheese. Served with garlic mayonnaise and frites

– vegan option available – ask your server!



Tsakistes Patates (Smashed Potatoes) (V)

(4 PIECES) Crispy smashed potatoes

– lemon yogurt dip or vegan sauce




Greek Frites

Frites with oregano, crumbled feta cheese, with a lemon-olive oil drizzle


Greek frites with tomato sauce

Frites with oregano, kasseri cheese toped with slow cooked tomato and herbs sauce.

– ask for vegan cheese


kids Menu

chicken Nuggets

Chicken fingers and frites slices of cucumber and cherry tomatoes


grilled cheese

On pita with frites and cherry tomato’s small Greek yogurt with honey


sweets & desserts

French Beignets 4 pieces

French doughnuts made inhouse. choice of toping : Powder sugar / honey / chocolate


Tiropita with honey

cheese pie drizzled with honey chocolate and walnuts

– must try!!!!


‘Yiaourti Me Meli’

Creamy Greek yogurt honey or chocolate drizzled and crispy walnuts




Cheese cake


coffees & beverages

KAFES (Greek Coffee)

Explore Grecian coffee culture!





orange pekoe / chai




eska bottled water


TSAI Tou Vounou (Greek Mountain Tea)

Greek mountain tea is naturally caffeine free.





– stroopwafel $ 1


soft drinks

Coca-Cola, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Nestea (can)


orange juice


Apllada Greek Fusion Restaurant

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